Frog's Leap Merlot 2014
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Frog's Leap Merlot 2014


One of the advantages of having dry-farmed vineyards in a period of lower rainfall is that the vines-perhaps feeling some sense of urgency-push their roots even more deeply in search of the water and nutrients they need. We at Frog's Leap are convinced that this search reveals new complexities in the aromas and taste of the wines we are now producing. Our 2014 Merlot is a beautiful example of this: profound aromas of deep, red fruits warmed by the summer sun accompanied by rich silky flavors that are so typical of the best Merlots. A fractional percentage of Cabernet sauvignon completes the package giving us a wine for the near term-perhaps paired with some fresh fall mushrooms and a roast of chicken-but certainly a wine well-positioned for many years in the cellar.